We believe that we should take the audience seriously, starting from early stage of development. Within an agile process that adapts to each project phase. We start with the storyworld exploration, where we talk about / analyze the emotions, values, discourses and references that relate to the story.


Thinking about the audience is a very engaging experience. Again, we are talking about it, investigate it and therefore get to know it in a collaborative way. We are connecting discourses, themes & topics, communities, reference projects with the possible distribution platforms. The exploration of storyworld and audience provide the raw material for the strategy and implementation.  


By moderating and managing the iterations of the audience design/building/engaging process, we first discuss possible strategies that align our findings on storyworld and audience. Then it is about implemention.

Regarding processes within the team, this phase is also about the management of expectations and goals of the strategy.

how we do it